ALL NEW NOAH • 同級最安全MPV實至名歸

ALL NEW NOAH • Exquisite MPV With Best-In-Class Safety

各大小家庭都推崇備至嘅ALL NEW NOAH採用同級獨有豐田第三代主動式安全系統TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE™ 3.0及多項升級安全配置,保障更全面!
Built with cutting-edge TOYOTA SAFETY SENSE™️ 3.0 and a suite of upgraded safety features, ALL NEW NOAH receives acclaim from families in all shapes and sizes!

ALL NEW NOAH豪華版現售$349,200 (原價$359,988)。

ALL NEW NOAH Luxury is available at $349,200 (original price $359,988).

其他ALL NEW NOAH 安全設備:

泊車防碰撞輔助系統 (PKSB)#:雷達偵測到前後方靜止障礙物時會主動提示;可能發生碰撞時,更會主動降低馬力輸出,避免意外發生。

Other ALL NEW NOAH features are also available to ensure your peace of mind:

TNGA-based chassis with high rigidity: enhanced safety and stability.
Parking Support Brake (PKSB)# : driver will be alerted if radar detects a static object at the front or rear. If the object is close enough to cause an accident, drive force control will be applied to avoid a collision.
10 SRS airbags: airbags for driver and passengers, side airbags and curtain shield airbags are available to ensure your peace of mind.
Ultra-large side mirrors and wide-angle mirrors: enable you to see lower part of the road where there could be blind spots during parking or leaving the parking space.

Toyota MaxValue 保值購車計劃

  • 3年內可選擇升級至其他豐田型號、保留或歸還你的座駕。
  • 3年期滿可享50%或以上車價保證
  • 「零」活首期,輕鬆月供
  • Upgrade to another new Toyota vehicle, keep or return the vehicle within 3 years. monthly instalments.
  • 50% Residual Value Guarantee after 3 years
  • Affordable monthly financing plans for your dream car with downpayment as low as 0%.

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#Feature of 7-seater edition
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