TOYOTA Joins Force With HKSCDA

Dec 02, 2020
Toyota x HKSCDA

TOYOTA Joins Force With The Hong Kong Saving Cats and Dogs Association 【SUPPORT ADOPTION】
Toyota will team up with the Hong Kong Saving Cats and Dogs Association (HKSCDA) to find permanent homes for stray cats and dogs! Starting today, adopt at HKSCDA and receive a $500 “Pet Adoption Kit” on a first-come, first-served basis. It includes Toyota souvenirs, pet treats, accessories, fuel coupons* and more! A million thanks to your kindness!
Since 2007, HKSCDA has been committed to providing food, medical treatment, sterilization and adoption services for stray cats and dogs. HKSCDA believes in “supporting adoption equals saving lives”, and has been making the best endeavour to prevent furry children from being abused or hurt. Additional $1,000 fuel coupons* will be offered to HKSCDA volunteers or visitors upon purchase of our vehicles that will be delivered this month. Please contact HKSCDA for more details.

Support adoption today:
*Available for designated models only with expiry dates. Terms and conditions apply. Crown Motors Limited reserves all rights for final decisions.

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